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  • USAMP Subtask Reports

    USAMP subtask reports
    • PDF
  • USAMP Final Report

    USAMP final report
    • PDF
  • Technical Cost Model Results for Steel vs Mg Door Designs by Camanoe

    Camanoe technical cost model comparing Mg door design to baseline steel door design. Includes cost drivers and sensitivity analysis. Mg door model is E-Form Plus with...
    • PDF
  • FSW Process Parameters

    Data are experimentally developed process parameters used to produce linear friction stir welded ZEK100 and AZ21 Batch 2 Mg sheet material test coupons for quasi-static lap...
    • XLSX
  • FSW Process Development Images

    Data are images of linear FSW weld process development.
    • XLSX
  • ARGUS data

    Dynain files
  • Stamping Test Videos

    Videos of cross Form Tests were conducted on EFORM+ magnesium sheets at 3 temperatures, 175C, 200C, 225C using 2 lubricants, Fuchs and Quaker, and 2 pre-treatments, Henkel and...
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    • XLSX
  • CAD data

    CAD data of the cross form stamping tool used.
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  • ATOS stl files

    ATOS files related to the cross form stamping test
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  • ARGUS images

    screenshots from ARGUS analysis
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