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Test Type: Twist Compression Test

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  • TCT on E-form PLUS at 250C

    Twist Compression Test (TCT) data on E-form PLUS magnesium alloy at 250C. Includes bare E-form PLUS, Henkel pre-treatment C, and Henkel Pre-treatment D
    • XLSX
  • TCT Data on E-form PLUS at 100C

    Twist Compression Test lubrication data performed on E-form PLUS, bare and with Henkel pre-treatment C
    • XLSX
  • TCT on ZEK100 at 250C

    Testing of the lubrication performance by Twist Compression Test (TCT) on ZEK100 at 250C.
    • XLSX
  • TCT round 1 100C

    Lubricant formula screening on ZEK100 Mg Alloy at 100C
    • XLSX
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