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  • Compression of Mg - 0.1Ca (wt.%) 200C - 10 -1, 10 -2, 10 -3 s-1

    Compression testing was performed using an Instron 5582 universal testing system on cylindrical samples of Mg – 0.1Ca, measuring 16 mm in diameter and 24 mm in height...
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  • Lap Shear Strength Testing EFP Batch 2 PT D

    Tested lap shear strength to evaluate possible adhesion weaknesses resulting from applying pretreatment D.
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  • Corrosion Test Structural Adhesive Over EFP Batch 3 PT D

    E-Form Plus lap shear coupons were e-coated (BASF Cathogard 800) and tested in ASTM B117-19 “Salt Fog” (3) environment for 30 days, to evaluate for weakness in corrosion...
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  • Henkel D v Xtalic Humidity Test

    E-form Plus with Henkel pre-treatment “D” was tested side by side with a Zn treatment produced by Xtalic, and electrogalvanized steel panels (ACT), as a control, in a modified...
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  • Lap Shear Strength Testing EFP Batch 2 PT C

    Lap Shear Strength Testing comparing control (as received-Solvent cleaned only) with E-Form plus pretreated with Henkel pretreatment Process C.
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  • Bend Test

    Bend testing was performed to evaluate resistance to cracking of the pre-treatment during forming. A modified version of the “Standard Test Methods for Mandrel Bend Test of...
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  • E-Form Plus Batch 2 Surface Analysis

    SEM and GDOES of E-Form Plus mg alloy Batch 2, as received.
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